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Agora Tech Lab
Creating circular economies by rewarding responsible behavior

The World Bank predicts that by 2025, global urban waste will increase by 70%. Without solid waste management, we cannot build sustainable and livable cities. Therefore, it is important that cities, especially in the developing world, create smart and efficient waste management methods.


Agora Tech Lab (ATL) aims to help cities create participatory waste management frameworks by decentralizing waste management systems. By using blockchain technology, consumers can easily be compensated for recycling their waste. We do this by working together with businesses on a local level. 

We truly believe that with the advent of blockchain technology, we have an unique opportunity to create smart systems that help cities deal with population and waste growth. By letting local citizens take control over their own community and rewarding them for it, cities will become smarter and better places to live.

ATL's Core Principles
01 dezentralized
We believe that big challenges are best tackled by fostering local action, from bottom-up initiatives. By implementing the right incentives, local organizations and consumers can work together to recycle waste. And reduce the amount of waste created in cities. 
02 circular
ATL wants to value waste end create an economy around it by incentivizing people. Together with packaging manufaturers, waste disposal organisations and other businesses, we can create  cradle-to-cradle  resource economies.
03 rewarding
It has to make sense to recycle. We need resource-based economic systems, that makes recycling: rewarding and fun. Waste has a lot of value, we want people to participate in profit from waste to resource value chain creation.
Welcome to the Future

Waste Management
by Blockchain

Using technology to get there
Currently, ATL is running a demo version of its Waste Management System.  We already have a native token on BSC (address: 0x66d5A649dc2B68fadC1c0d2247668BA5A5b91a6E).

However, we will migrate to Holochain, the most energy efficient technology out there. Until that time the ATL BEP-20 token will serve as a placeholder for the Holochain-native token until the swap.

We have chosen Holochain because we want ATL to be a self-organising peer-to-peer ecosystem, in which individuals are fully in charge and guardians of their own data.
Our Recent News
Agora Tech Lab Mentioned in Sensa Networks Article

´´Companies using blockchain in the Netherlands are working with public agencies to reward people for recycling with cryptocredits that can be exchanged for goods or services. Agora Tech Lab, for instance, has created an ecosystem in which it can indelibly record each member’s waste management transactions using blockchain. This system makes the reward structure easier to implement.´´

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