"Our goal is to create future-proof cities"

ATL Company Profile

Were are urban planners, policy experts, tech experts and visionaries. 

Agora Tech Lab understands that cities are engines of growth and development, but also the main source of pollution and waste. Therefore, in order for the global community to become more sustainable, it is important that we transform how cities function. Much of our urban infrastructure dates back centuries and is not ready for 21st-century challenges. Therefore, our goal is to create future-proof cities; cities which are more fair, sustainable, and smart.


Located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Agora Tech Lab is privileged to be part of one of the most interesting urban environments in the world. Famous for its avant-garde urban planning and architecture, Rotterdam is an ever developing urban laboratory and a great source of inspiration. From this local context, ATL develops new methods and framework, aimed at solving global urban challenges.