The waste collection sector is a multi billion industry. Not only does ATL want to change the way waste is collected, we also want to change the packaging industry in the mean time.  After trials and tests we came to the conclusion that the best way to do this is to connect consumers directly to producers: decentralization and cutting-out the middle man works. Our roadmap is devided into four milestones: Ziusudra, Eridu, Tehom and Lugal. 

The names of our milestones are inspired by the Sumerian civilisation - the first city builders in the world,  and also the first people who implemented a centrally-organized waste management system: a huge innovation for that time. Now, thousands years later, we want to decentralize this system by making the next step. 


Ziusudra Phase (COMPLETED)

Research and test-phase (2018-2021). We have been talking and testing our concept and waiting for the crypto ecosystem to evolve. Please go to 'news' to get a glimpse of our talks and trials. 



Eridu Phase (ongoing)

Final product launch of closed ecosystem (late 2021/Q1 2022). During this phase we will start building on Holochain after years of research. We want to build an app which is open, peer-to-peer, hosted in a decentralized manner and is energy efficient. 
In this phase we will start working with local stakeholders in order to roll out the platform. 



Tehom Phase

Open ecosystem implementation (2022/2023). During this phase our hApp will aready have all the full features and we will open-up our platform for entrepreneurs who want to set up their own local waste management systems and companies that want to be part of the ecosystem. A bit like Uber, but for waste management.


Lugal Phase

International waste credit implementation (after 2022). Our final goal is building an international circular resource-based credit system; resembling the carbon credit system. We want to work with governments and private actors to accompish this.