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ATL joins the UrbanLedger Consortium for EC H2020 Call

ATL has joined the UrbanLedger consortium together with 11 other organizations for the EC H2020 'Transformative impact of disruptive technologies'in public services' call. Horizon2020 is the main research and innovation program of the European Commission. Led by CERTH - a top European research institute - the consortium consists of participants from 6 different European countries. Among the members are academic institutes, like the University of Barcelona and KU Leuven, three municipalities, private sector firms, and research institutes.

The proposal of the consortium aims to assess the potential benefits and risks of using disruptive technologies in public administrations as well as its social impact, including the impact on public servants, of using them for government processes and governance (e.g. for registers, for archiving, for decision-making processes, etc.) ( In order to tackle this challenge, the UrbanLedger consortium wants to implement blockchain solutions in urban governance frameworks; in this framework, ATL will act as the technical partner of the Waste Management pilot. "Joining the consortium is a great way to expand our network and get in touch with organizations that can help us achieve our goal of creating circular cities", CEO Nathan Davids stated. The UrbanLegder proposal is currently being evaluated. In the coming months, more clarity will be given about the status of the proposal. Please stay tuned.

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