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ATL enters New Phase

Many months have past, and the team has been hard at work researching the waste management sector and trying out new technologies. We are nou confident enough to start the new phase of our journey: Eridu. During this phase we will start building on Holochain after years of research. We want to build an app which is open, peer-to-peer, hosted in a decentralized manner and is energy efficient.

In this phase we will start working with local stakeholders in order to roll out the platform.

We have chosen Holochain because it is the greenest, most decentralized DLT out there in the crypto space. We also want more control for users over the data that they generate and we want comply to all the rules and regulation of GDPR of the EU.

Please stay tuned. We are in talks with big organizations and we are ready make an impact on the world. We will be doing this step-by-step, but we are confident that we can make a big contribution to the developemnt of a truely circular economy. Please stay tuned!


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